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STEP BY STEP - Solent Pizza's structured training plan, giving you the tools to be THE BEST!

Being a Domino's Pizza Store Manager is a challenging role in a unique business!

You will need to have strong leadership qualities with the drive to deliver great results through your team.

Our dedicated Training Team have enhanced a bespoke training programme to make sure you have the tools at hand to be a great leader! This is how your journey could look and it can all be done in just 12 - 18 months!

Watch this space Managers coming through....


Week one is a bit like a boot camp…but don’t let that scare you. All that means is you will be receiving one on one training with our Area Trainers at Solent Pizza’s Office and Training Centre to learn about the operations of the business.

There is a mix of classroom based training and hands on practical training where you will learn everything from product quality, dough management, customer service, you will then get stuck in with pizza making training, order taking, oven tending, stock delivery and stock rotation, food temperature checks and much more.

MIT (Manager in Training) Week 2 – Week 16

You will be based in a store where we think you will suit best – we look at previous background, experience, personality, and location.

You will receive a week by week checklist that you will need to complete to show you are comfortable and confident with the new procedures you have learnt at Domino’s. Your Store Manager will be your day to day mentor, however your Area Trainer will also take the time to come and visit you at the store every 2 weeks to ensure you are building on your skills and making sure you still love your new job!

At the end of your 16 weeks you will need to be able to run a shift on your own. Your Area Trainer will come and observe you, if all goes well you will be signed off as a SHIFT MANAGER.


Working towards ASSISTANT MANAGER: 4 – 12 months

This is where you learn some of the softer skills needed for the position. For example:

  • Recruitment and Training - Learning interview techniques, what to look for in a perfect team member, what to do when you have hired someone new & legalities.

  • People Management – We hire everything from 16 years old to 65+ and some of our stores will have 70-80 people on their rota. We will give you the skills and tools to learn how to manage such a diverse team, motivate those around you and handle difficult behaviours or attitudes.

  • Admin procedures – Cashing up at the end of every night, weekly paperwork or shift handovers.

If you have had experience with some of these topics before, that’s great!! Its all about adapting and using your skills in a new environment and of course ensuring procedures are followed the “Domino’s Way”.

There will be a small test for you to show us you have taken on these new skills and procedures, if successful you will be signed off as an ASSISTANT MANAGER.

Getting close!!

Working towards STORE MANAGER: 12 – 18 months

This part is all about getting more experience under your belt. You may find we transfer you to another store around the area to broaden your horizons and show you the challenges of a new area.

You will find the sales will be different, your team will certainly be new! Various stores will handle different volumes and will cater for different customers! We want you to experience everything and see how moving to a store just 3-5 miles down the road can really change dynamics!

Towards the end of your journey you will be given a small project, again to demonstrate you are ready! Ready to take that giant leap to a Domino’s Pizza STORE MANAGER!

Go you!!

All done in 12-18 months!!

Leaping into your very own store can seem a little scary and no matter how much we prepare you, there will always new challenges you haven’t faced before!! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

There is so much support around you from Recruitment teams, Marketing teams, Trainers, Area Managers and Directors!! We all wish you every success but we know it’s a tough job, so we will do what we can to assist you to become a great leader and even greater Store Manager.

Exciting isn’t it!?!

If you have drive, ambition and above all passion to be the next Domino’s Pizza Store Manager, we have the training for you!

Apply here today and be part of an award winning team at Solent Pizza.



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