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LEADERSHIP: Trainee Store Manager

Leadership is a high-contact sport and hard work if you want your team to excel.

Here are the Top 10 things people want from a work place and we have them all…check out why being a Domino’s Pizza Trainee Store Manager is the position you have been waiting for!

Clear Expectations and Goals

We give our employees a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities and objectives and it starts from the beginning! At the interview stage we enjoy being transparent and like sharing what our company goals are, so you know what opportunities there are within your reach. Once you are on board with us our dedicated training team help you build up your skills and knowledge from pizza making training, stock and delivery controls, recruitment and training, admin procedures, team management workshops and many many more. On average it takes 12-18 months to become a Trainee Store Manager for Domino’s, once you have achieved this massive milestone you will receive one on one attention with your Area Manager weekly to ensure you are driving your store and your team to success every single week!

Recognition and Praise

The better people feel about what they do, the more they want to do it well! For us Quarterly Meetings are a great way to bring all members of management together and recognise progression, success, goals achieved and also a great environment for more team learning. Bonuses and pin badges are rewarded regularly for different achievements, along further incentives, rewards and trophies!


Communication is key in our business and we make sure you are always in the loop with whats happening in the business with meetings, emails, one on ones, training sessions, even a Team Solent monthly news letter!


People become more motivated when they can develop their skills. We want to give our employees ample opportunities to expand their capabilities in new areas. If an employee is interested and capable to take that next step, we defiantly won’t stand in the way! We encourage and support our team members to be the best they can be, so will discuss and organise and effective plan for them to achieve their next goal, whether that’s Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager or even Area Supervisor! The sky is the limit!


Following through with our commitments and promises is incredibly important to us. It helps build confidence, motivates people and encourages them to believe in the company and their manager.


People want to be great and if they're not, there is often an obstacle in the way. If there is a problem, coaching people effectively and regularly means they are able to solve their own problems. We teach our employees to think through the whole process - what could have been done better? What would the ideal outcome be? What happens if it isn't followed trough? What are the consequences? Once again, always learning at every corner.


80% of employees say they don’t get respect on the job. We like to be as open as possible about the company, the brand, our expansion plan and our future intentions! This isn’t a place to fear it a place to thrive!!

Pride in the Work

We create a positive upbeat working environment, having some fun while working hard. This fuels self-motivation and pride.


On-going training is a must to maintain current job skills, but even more importantly to add to them! To be a Store Manager you must attend training classes 1-8 before you can be signed off. All of them help you to become competent and confident in your role and ready to take that next leap!


People want to win and we love a bit of healthy competition! We set realistic goals that are also going to challenge you, drive your business to success and make your team and the store align. In the summer every year we hold a Team Solent Awards evening, where we can celebrate together as a company but also highlight individuals who have gone above and beyond and have successfully achieved some incredible targets and accomplishments throughout the year!

We pay attention to these ten things employees want in a job because we want to be able to create a team of inspired and highly engaged employees.

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Trainee Store Manager


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