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Teamwork makes the dream work....that's right I said it!!

Exactly why is teamwork important in our stores? A healthy team provides benefits for the individual, the store, and Solent Pizza as a whole:

  • When an individual is seen as a contributing member of a team, they feel appreciated and will enjoy the benefits such as feelings of self-worth, happiness, and contentment. This provides stimulation and a sense of achievement.

  • The store benefits from the high productivity that teamwork delivers. Healthy teams mean engaged employees and a vibrant workplace culture. It also means people are interacting more, which helps work get done efficiently.

  • Solent Pizza gains a tremendous boost by having healthy, happy people across the board. This will improve customer service, pizza quality, achieving targets, recruitment and retention. This then enables Solent Pizza to invest in further community events, and build an even bigger supportive infrastructure.

In a nutshell – teamwork makes the dream work!!

Teamwork does not mean everyone does everything together.

It requires getting organised and breaking each section down into its component parts. We don’t just have Instores and Drivers at our stores, we have:

  • Customer Service Reps

  • Dough slappers

  • Cheese-rs

  • Sauce-rs

  • A makeline team

  • Product quality guru

  • Oven tender

  • Routing (Allocating drivers their orders and delivery addresses)

  • Car Drivers

  • Moped Drivers

  • Delivery Cyclists

Then it’s down the Store Manager to assign everyone their positions and who will do what, according to their strength, interest, and availability.

However everyone can do their part to make sure the team are strong, supportive and working together.

Here are 4 ways to build a strong team…

Ask for help

Getting work done requires time to focus on your own job but still have the option to call upon others to help if you need it. That’s teamwork. So when you need extra training, inspiration, or support, just ask for it. Not only will you have experienced team mates in your store and a manager to turn to, we also have Area Trainers who can give you advice and book you on to extra training classes should you need it.

Work out loud

So its 5:30pm, the rush is about to start, your team is organised and you’re heads down on your own job. Time to start working out loud! It’s critical for our teams to stay connected, so we use a lot of verbal communication in the stores. Weather we need to focus on picking up speed, congratulate people for beautiful pizzas, a quick order change from the customer, topping up stock needs or drivers coming back from a super quick delivery, we always make sure every one is aware of what is going on throughout the shift.

Rally to a common goal

If you want to be a team, you need to share a common goal and we have many in our stores. For our customer service reps it could be up-selling our latest products or getting the customers the best deal. For our pizza makers and makeline team, its all about getting the pizzas in the over in under 3 minutes but focusing on quality! Drivers and cyclists it's about exceptional customer service at the door and for Managers it's achieving your KPI’s (key performance indicators, these could be labour budgets, food costs, audits etc). Knowing your work matters as it takes teamwork to the next level.

Celebrate together

Appreciate the work of your teammates. Take time to say ‘thanks’ for the small things, a pat on the back goes a long way after a tough day and when you do achieve a milestone towards your goal, we take time to celebrate together!!

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