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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Topping codes

Did you know all of us here at Domino’s speak a second language? Its part of being an employee at Domino’s Pizza, every one has to speak the pizza lingo….

You are probably wondering what we are on about, but its true! All of our pizza toppings have their own special code, and some of them aren’t as simple as you think!

  • C= Cheese

  • P=Pepperoni

  • O=Onion

  • F=Fresh tomato

  • K=Bacon

  • N=Sweetcorn

There are over 80 codes to remember which includes;

  • Individual toppings

  • Sauces & dips

  • Domino’s signature pizzas

  • Side orders and desserts!

All of our team members have to learn the full topping code lists. It’s a better way of communicating!

Each store will take hundreds of orders a day! As the customers processes their payment, the full order pops up on a screen in our Domino's store above the makeline for all to see - managers, pizza makers, sauce-ers and the full makeline team. You may have noticed it before in our stores.

To list every single topping in full would take a long time to read, process and then action, we use topping codes to speed up everything! Plus, minimal amount of letters/words takes up minimal space, allowing 10 – 15 pizza orders to sit on our screens at one time, allowing us to quickly move onto the next one before the first one is even finished!!

Everyone is involved in this -

The Customer Service Reps on the front counter label up the correct boxes for the right pizzas - all done using topping codes

Pizza Makers stretch, sauce, cheese and top the pizza exactly how the customer likes it - all done using topping codes

Delivery Drivers match up multiple pizzas and side orders to make up the full order - all using topping codes

Of course this may seem unusual at first but have you seen how quick they are in store!! It definitely works. So, we ensure all of our team members get the topping codes as part of their training before their first day on shift, so you have a little head start!

There are odd ways to remember certain topping codes....

W=Roast Chicken, we pronounce it “Woast Chicken”! I bet that sticks in your head now!!

Y=Garlic butter, YAAAAAAAS please!!

N=Sweetcorn, NOM NOM NOM!

Whatever works for you!

If you want to learn the pizza language and be part of an exclusive group that share the love of pizza, apply here today!





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