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We sat down with Melvyn, one of our brilliant drivers from Weston!

What is your role as a Delivery Driver?

I am a main delivery driver that does 40 hours plus a week. I do 5 day shifts here at Weston usually. As well as delivering the pizzas out to our customers, also I do some Instore duties, so I make boxes, answer the telephones, tend to the oven and I do some cleaning. I just get in there and do what needs to be done.

How long have you been in Team Solent?

I’ve been with Team Solent 3 years in October. I started off in Waterlooville then transferred to Eastleigh and finally transferred to Weston.

What is your favourite pizza?

I like to do a create your own. So I like bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni!

What job did you do before delivering pizzas?

I started off as a bus conductor back in 1989, they then put me through my license in 1991 and from then I was a one man operator for 27 years! I was on Bluestar (Bus Company) for 27 years in Eastleigh and I also worked for UniLink for 4 years! (That’s a lot of driving!!)

What made you join the brand Domino’s?

Well I’m getting on a bit and was looking ahead for what can I do for a job with retirement being around the corner. Saw Domino’s were advertising and knew they were a well-known and good brand, so I thought “yeah let’s give this a go”, and since then I’ve never looked back.

What do you like most about the company?

Everything! The people that I work with, we all get on great! Everybody is friendly, the customers are great. I just love every aspect of the job!

Favourite memory?

Oh well it has to be the Cardiff Awards Evening this year! To be nominated for Driver of The Year just has to be top of my list. What an honour and what a fantastic evening to be a part of!

How many deliveries could you do in one shift?

The highest I’ve done is somewhere in the 50’s. But I usually average around 25-30 deliveries on a shift. This does all vary though; depends on the time of the year and what time your shift is.

3 words to describe the Team at Weston store?

Just 3 words? Urm, friendly, outgoing and hardworking.

What keeps you going during the rush?

Time flies! When you’re busy it’s honestly amazing how time flies! One minute I could be out on the road, next minute I could be at the oven, next minute I could be routing. It’s amazing how doing all the different roles and getting stuck in time goes by so quickly. So I just keep myself busy and suddenly the rush is over!

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