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We took some time to talk to Lenny about his career development with Solent Pizza and his big dreams!

Lenny is an external MIT.....

"What is an external MIT?" - I hear you ask!

An external MIT is someone who has worked for other company's with previous managerial experience and has decided to take Solent Pizza up on their fast career progression programme! This programme can develop and train individuals up to be a Store Manager in 12-18 months!

Lenny had his 1 year anniversary with Solent Pizza in April and has recently passed his important Assistant Manager assessment just a few weeks ago! We thought it would be great to hear all about his progression so far...

What position do you currently hold?

I am the Assistant Manager at the new Portsmouth City Centre Store.

How long have you been with Team Solent?

I have been with Team Solent for 1 year and 3 months.

How did you start at Team Solent?

I started as an MIT, which is a Manager in Training. This means that you learn the business from the ground up. I have found as long as you work hard there is plenty of opportunity for progression at Team Solent.

What were you doing before Domino’s? Why the change?

Before Domino's I was working for another food retail company. I wanted to progress up through management and further develop myself, so I looked into other jobs that may have better opportunities for progression. I saw the MIT programme that Solent Pizza were advertising and decided to look into it further. It had good opportunities for progression and the advert had a ton of information about what type of person they were looking for and what the job role consists of. It seemed like the right fit for me, so I went for it.

What interested you the most about starting the Domino’s Management programme?

I always believed I was a good team leader. The job description specified the attributes needed for the role and I thought I was a good match. It seemed like Solent Pizza look after their staff and like I've said, the possible progression interested me a lot. Once I started it confirmed my thoughts! Solent Pizza are definitely a passionate company and really care about what they do. The shifts are busy and there is never a boring day. The job can consist of late nights, (Fratton is a late night store, so we would stop trading at 5am, but it does depend on what store you are working in) but in my opinion this just enhances your work ethic and proves what you are capable of. It also helped me become better at my job faster.

What is your favourite pizza?

Stuffed crust ranch BBQ with garlic butter.

How fast can you make one large cheese and tomato pizza?

I haven't timed myself in a while....lets give it a try!

18 seconds!

How do you unwind?

I often spend my time away from work relaxing on the sofa with my girlfriend and the dog, watching tv. I sometimes like to do some out of work "homework", like planning shifts and thinking about how the team and I can be better and achieve targets.

Advice to new starters in our business?

Don't be afraid to jump in and ask questions when you can. It's a very fast paced environment at times and the best way for a new starter to improve is to ask questions and get stuck in. Don't be afraid to communicate, working as a team is the only way we can smash out shifts.

3 words to describe Team Solent?

Passionate. Loyal. Fun.

Like I said, Team Solent care about their staff and what everyone's personal goals are, hence passionate and loyal! I think my job is fun, because I wouldn't get up and come to work every day if it didn't genuinely enjoy my job. The team work hard and we all have the common goal of doing the best we can.

Favourite store and why?

Recently I have gone into the new Portsmouth City Centre store. It's a very unique and different store due to the large carry out area! It's stunning! There is loads of space, we even have seats and charging stations for people to chill out and enjoy their pizza in the store. The team at City are great and some of them even moved over from Fratton when the shop was split in January. The shop that will always be in my heart is the Fratton store. This is where I learnt the foundation of the job that allows me to progress and get better everyday. In that store it was very busy meaning I learnt more and at a faster pace. Plus, the rushes were always filled with adrenaline and I think the adrenaline is what pushes us to do well.

What are your goals now?

My new goal since passing my Assistant Manager assessment, is to have a store of my own soon and be a Store Manager leading my own team. From there I'd like to gain the "Rookie Store Manage Of The Year Award" - this is a yearly award given out in our Franchise! After that, I'd like to show my self as being a strong Store Manager and potentially progress further to Area Manager, if the opportunity presents its self!


If you are inspired and feel you are ready for an opportunity just like this, you can apply for an Trainee Store Manager position today! Applicants will need to be hard working with an eye for detail, have strong leadership qualities and drive to deliver great results!

This position is contracted to 42.5 hours per week and full training is provided but as Lenny said, you have to have a good work ethic and be passionate about what you do!


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