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Sophie tells us all about her (almost!) 10 year Domino’s journey!

How long have you been with Solent Pizza?

It will be 10 years on July 28th, 2019!

What is your favourite pizza?

Easy, The Deluxe!!

What was your first job role within Team Solent?

Well I was at college, and my dad said it was time for me to get a part time job, so I joined Domino’s as a Part Time Customer Service Rep around college and then around Uni!

What do you look for in a Domino’s Team Member?

Someone with a positive attitude and eager to give anything a go – they need to be willing to try!

How fast can you make one large cheese and tomato pizza?

I honestly haven’t done that in absolutely ages, but I timed myself doing a large pepperoni a few weeks ago and I did that in 32 seconds!

When you’ve finished your shift, what do you like to do to unwind?

Well I’m a bit of a nerd really. I tend to play computer games, read a book and eat lots of food! (sounds good to us Soph!)

What 3 words would you use to describe Team Solent?

It’s so hard to say just 3 words, but I guess the first words that come to mind are; fun, challenging and energetic.

What advice would you give to new starters for them to do well within Team Solent?

I would say don’t be scared to give something new a try and make sure that you’re pitching in. Also, everyone gets things wrong, I still sometimes get an order wrong – so stay positive and try again! Just do it!!

You’ve been with us for almost 10 years now, which store has been your favourite to work in and why?

Shirley in Southampton! It was the first store I ever worked in and the team were so lovely, a lot of people I worked with there are still there too! I loved how busy it got and how consistent it was, like BAM it’s 6pm so now it’s busy, and it was like that every day – the rush was always such good fun!

What keeps you going during the rush (busy period)?

I love the feeling of achievement. So what keeps me going really is thinking about hitting and beating my targets. Coffee also helps keep my energy up!

Amazing! Well, she said it - "Just do it!". So come on, apply now to become part of this fantastic company, go on just do it!!

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