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All the pros and perks of being a Domino's Pizza Delivery hero!

There are so many pros to being a delivery driver, it pretty much suits every one!


Don’t worry, we have organised a very clear and easy list for you to read through. You might find it ticks all of your boxes and is exactly what you are looking for!

Flexible Hours

Perfect for college students, university students, semi retired people or even a second part time job. You can do as little as 2-4 hours during our busiest part of the day which usually starts at 5pm!! You don’t have to commit yourself to long days, however we do have full time hours if that is what you are interested in.

Time flies by when your having fun

Your shift can go by very quickly. Drivers can take 3-4 deliveries an hour and when you’re engaged by driving and interacting with our customers at the door, time never drags!

Employee Discount

This is a popular perk! You can take home a large pizza with 10 slices, loaded with toppings for under £10 if you buy it while you're on the clock, great if you are heading to a friends house after work – share the pizza love!

Can be good exercise

Believe it or not!! Getting in and out of your car, hustling to customers addresses, maybe even climbing a few flights of stairs. You also get to take short walks outside, which can be very pleasant. It all builds up to a surprising amount of cardio! And let’s not forget, carrying 4-6 pizzas in one arm is heavier than you think – get those guns out!

Love your music?

This position really is for you! You spend most of your time in your car listening to your favourite music. Whether you’re a classical fan, need some chill out vibes or getting yourself psyched for a big night out tomorrow, there is no one around you to complain or change your track!

Lighten your mood and lift your spirits with your favourite sound track!

£1 extra for every delivery

Not only do you receive a pay per hour which is paid into your bank account every 4 weeks but you also get an extra £1 for every delivery you take! It doesn’t matter if its 2 miles down the road or literally 2 streets away… yes we deliver that close to our stores! This is paid to you at the end of every shift in cash so you are not out of pocket for too long when it comes to fuel costs.

OBU Insurance

Solent Pizza provide you with third party insurance, so you won’t need to change anything to your own policy! Pheww, that’s a load off your mind!

Everyone loves you

Being a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza is an incredibly important role. Without our delivery drivers we simply wouldn't be able to get our delicious pizza's to our dedicated customers! So when you get to the door of our “hangry” customers you are greeted with smiles and cheers as they dash to the door!

As the delivery guy or girl you end up being the person that everyone can rely on – if it’s a bad day, good day, feeling rough, need comforting, socialising with long lost friends or celebrating, here you come! Pizza in hand and cape floating in the wind!


Click on the link below to apply for a hero’s position today!!

Car Delivery Driver Hampshire

Car Delivery Driver Cardiff

Moped Delivery Driver Hampshire

Moped Delivery Driver Cardiff

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