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Pick your ride - 2 wheels or 4 wheels?

At this particular time of the year, we are not slowing down. We are hiring more delivery experts on a part time basis, meaning you can use the skills you already posses to earn yourself some extra income.

We have 621 wonderful delivery experts across our 28 stores. That means over half of our whole company are out on the road delivering cheesy goodness to all of our customers!

10% of our delivery force is made up of delivery cyclists out on bicycles and another 14% are moped drivers. The remaining 76% of our driving force delivers in their own cars.

There have been a few changes to our procedures as we have had to adapt just like everyone else. These are the new 5 star safety guidelines for our delivery experts:

1. We are a no contact delivery business. What that means for our drivers is, when you arrive at the customers address; you will need to place their order on their door step, knock the door and walk 2 meters back and give them a nice big wave so you can see they have received their order

2. There is no cash coming into our business. All orders are paid for in advance, so there is no need for our drivers to handle any cash at all.

3. We are practising social distancing. That means when our drivers return from an address and go back to the store, an Instore Team Member will run out to your vehicle, take your old delivery bag from you and provide you with a new delivery bag and a new address. Keeping everyone distant and safe.

Have a look below for more details on our positions!


You must have access to your own car. You will need to possess a full driving licence, no more than 6 points and never been banned. Plus on top of your hourly rate, you will receive £1 for every delivery you take!


We provide you with the full shebang as well as a competitive hourly rate! You will get assigned a Domino's branded moped and all the wet weather and safety gear. All you need is a valid CBT!


You will need access to a mountain or hybrid bike and we will provide you with a Domino's bike box so you can deliver pizzas easily. On top of that, not only will we pay you an hourly rate plus an extra 50p per delivery, you can cancel your gym membership too - 2 birds, 1 stone aye!

Weather you apply for car driver, moped driver or delivery cyclist position; you can enjoy the security and support of a large brand who has been constantly adapting to new guidelines provided by the Government. We will make sure you have a safe working environment to enjoy!

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