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What is your plan for 2021?

With the new year comes a wave of motivation, reflection and often a desire to mix things up in a positive way. After a very long and difficult year we have all just been through, we know it's hard making changes!

Most people's new year's resolution will be to make the most of 2021 and accomplish all the goals they were unable to in 2020!


...and this could be the perfect opportunity to find something new!

If you are feeling like you need a change in career direction, you've reached your full potential or you want to try and add some new tools to your skill set- a new job could be the solution!

Solent Pizza is an expanding Domino’s Franchise that have 29 stores across Hampshire and Cardiff. We are looking for experienced managers and team leaders who are operationally focused.

Our main goal is to make and serve great quality pizzas at speed, whilst looking after our dedicated customers and leading a large team efficiently.

The Trainee Manager role is a fast paced, hands-on, career progression programme that helps you gain quick, valuable and effective knowledge to lead you towards being a Domino’s Manager in 12-18 months. We will train and support you every step of the way. If you can manage quality, manage speed and manage people; you will be able to produce great results.

The Trainee Manager role starts at £20,445 but at the end of your progression programme you could be earning in excess of £32,000 per year.

Trainee Manager benefits and rewards:

· Discounted food allowance

· Pension scheme

· 6 weeks holiday

· Full training provided

· Competitive bonus structure like no other

· Annual awards

Trainee Manager responsibilities:

· Managing all aspects of food hygiene and store cleanliness

· Controlling costs on a daily basis to impact the profitability of the store

· Maintaining a positive brand image and service standards including uniform/presentation standards and our philosophy on customer service.

· Promoting efficiency within the store to achieve service standards in line with company expectations

· Upholding and developing product quality at all times.

· Leading and motivating a large team of 40-50 to success

Hours: Full Time. Contracted to 42.5 hours a week – including Evenings and Weekends

Does this sound like the perfect career plan for you?!?

Remember, don't make a new year's resolutions without an action plan!


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