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Uncovering the truth behind Domino's myths.

Simple answer - No! You do not need a moped to be a moped delivery driver with us. All you need is a valid CBT or a full motorbike licence.

Something that comes up during the first few conversations with candidates is….

“Do I need my own moped”

“Do I take the moped home with me every night?”

“Do I have to pay for fuel?”

As a Moped Delivery Driver for Domino’s we provide you with the very best equipment to ensure you can go out on the road comfortably and do your job to the best of your ability.

That is why we have 125cc Honda mopeds at the ready with a full tank of petrol! These high performing scooters are no older than 2 years old, they are designed with bespoke branding and each moped has a Domino's top box secured on the back to carry your orders. These are locked up at the store over night and ready for you to use on your next shift.

As for your uniform, you will receive the standard Domino's Instore uniform, on top of that you will receive waterproof jacket and trousers - all with protective armour, gloves, a bum bag and a full face helmet with the Domino's logo on. So you can represent us out on the streets in style!

With a wide range of moped delivery driver positions across our Hampshire & Cardiff stores, you are sure to find a vacancy near you

So to all future moped delivery drivers out there, not only have we made it easier for you to secure a job with us, here at Solent Pizza we want to make sure you have the right tools to be the best you can be!

Apply now for a moped delivery position, and start a brand new job in as little as 3 days!

Experience and knowledge of the area comes with time and we'll be sure to help you!




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