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Uncovering the truth behind Domino's myths!

At Solent Pizza, we have over 470 car delivery drivers across our 26 stores in both Hampshire and Cardiff. That doesn’t include our 2-wheel delivery force, adding an extra 140 more employees who ride either a bicycle, an electric company bicycle or even a company moped!

Our longest serving delivery driver has been with us for over 15 years and as you can imagine has incredible knowledge about the company, the store and the area’s but we also have plenty of new employees that are brand-new to the role!

Something that comes up during the first few conversations with candidates is….

“Is it vital I know the delivery area?”

“I’m new to the area and don’t know it very well yet…”

“I’m not sure about my way around here, will I struggle?”

“What happens if I get lost…?”

Don’t worry! By now you should know we have your back!

All delivery experts, from car drivers, moped riders and cyclists receive a GPS device!

This funky little piece of equipment does all the hard work for you!

When you are in the store, before you grab your next order and place it in a hot bag, the Manager assigns you your next delivery. The routing system and your GPS device is linked so the delivery details automatically drop to your GPS device and before you know it you are out the door with all the right details including a map and directions to get you there!

Most of our deliveries are in a 4 mile radius and some delivery drops can be just 2 streets away. However, if you are heading out in an area you are not familiar with, we can see your complete journey at the store on the routing system – estimated time of arrival, how long you have been at the door with the customer and your expected time back to the store, including traffic.

So if you happen to circle a roundabout 5 times because you are lost, don’t panic! Your store manager will notice and can give you a call through the GPS device and guide you the right way! All very clever really!!

So to all future delivery drivers out there, not only has technology made your job easier, here at Solent Pizza we want to make sure you have the right tools to be the best you can be!

Apply now for a delivery position, and start a brand new job in as little as 3 days!

Experience and knowledge comes with time and we'll be sure to help you!

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