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Who are we to deny our customers a faster delivery time! Lets do it!

At Solent Pizza we always make sure we go above and beyond for our customers. In fact, our average delivery time to deliver your pizza to your door is 22.3 minutes!

Impressive aye, but we want to do even better!

That is why we are looking for more delivery experts to join our expanding team!

As you probably already know Domino’s delivers on 4 wheels and 2 wheels!

As the brand becomes more popular, there is definitely an opportunity to expand our delivery team as we could deliver over 50,000 pizzas a week, just in our areas!

12% of our delivery force is made up of delivery cyclists out on bicycles and another 10% are moped drivers. The remaining 78% of our driving force delivers in their own cars.

Our delivery experts can be full time or part time and come in all shapes and sizes of delivery vehicles but all of them are customer focused, full of hustle and a huge part of the Domino’s family! We literally couldn’t run the business without them!

Delivery training consists of basic health and safety, food hygiene and brand standards, learning the pizza codes which helps drivers pair and match up multiple orders for one address and have an understanding of allergen information should a customer have any questions at the door.

Here is a breakdown of each position:


Using a car is great when we have to deliver large orders to a party or a large family gathering. Each hot bag can fit in 4 pizzas stacked on top of each other, so if a large order of 10+ pizzas comes through, car drivers have the room in their car for 3, 5 or 10 hot bags! Yep, we have taken that many pizzas to one location before!

  • Must have access to own car with full driving licence with no more than 6 points and no bans

  • OBU insurance provided

  • Regular hours with hourly pay, plus an extra £1 for every delivery taken

  • Must be aged 18+ due to insurance reasons



Our moped delivery drivers, really help the stores out with quick delivery. They can completely avoid traffic being able to gently navigate in between cars and get to addresses quicker. Happy customers, happy team!

  • Must have valid CBT or full motorbike licence with no more than 6 point and no bans

  • Branded 125CC moped provided including all safty gear - helmet, glovces, jacket and trousers

  • Regular hours and full insurance covered

  • Must be aged 18+ due to insurance reasons



Cyclists are our newest form of delivery transport. Employees can bring their own bike to work, fit on a Domino’s top box and off they go! Our cyclists only deliver up to a 1.5 mile radius from the store and can push along with ease as most cities have bicycle lanes now. They set off and return within minutes, some of our cyclists deliver up to 6 deliveries an hour!

  • Must have access to own bicycle, branded top box is provided (fits onto the framework of most bicycles)

  • Maximum delivery radius of 1.5 miles from store

  • Regular hours with hourly pay, plus 50p for every delivery taken

  • This position is available for aged 17+


Apply now and start next week!

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