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Being a large brand and an expanding company we have been through one exciting journey and we are not slowing down any time soon! Just for fun, were going to let you in on some little secrets!

Check them out…

1. Did you know in 2018 Team Solent used around 504 million grams of mozzarella cheese to top our customers pizzas, remember this only is across our 26 stores! That's equivalent to around 10 blue whales!

2. Did you know Stephen Baldwin, Bill Murray and Pink all worked at pizza restaurants and Jean-Claude Van Damme used to deliver pizzas! We always said our delivery Drivers were our heroes!

3. Did you know last year we used over 30 million slices of pepperoni! It’s called Pepperoni Passion for a reason but that’s boarder-line obsessive! Don't worry, we're obsessed too!

4. Did you know, our very own Area Manager, Zagros Jaff has been in the news paper just last week for his amazing pizza making skills and his journey with Solent Pizza.

Check out the link below!

5. Did you know the 3 dots on the Domino’s logo represent the first 3 Domino's Pizza stores that opened in Michigan, USA. The brand has grown a lot since then. Imagine it now, the logo would be MASSIVE!

6. Did you know last year Team Solent used 3,709,850 pizza boxes! If we stacked them on top of each other they would stand 22 times taller than the worlds tallest building, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai! The shopping centre, apartments and viewing platform stands mighty tall at 828m high!

7. Did you know at Team Solent, our 4 Directors have over 77 years worth of Domino’s experience! Our Managing Director started off as a Moped Delivery Driver when he was 16 and has been with the brand ever since, working in different departments for the brand as well as different countries!

8. Did you know our record for most pizzas in one hour was 407! That was some hefty work achieved by our very own Portsmouth store! It was a Two-for-Tuesday on Valentines Day... you guys are so romantic! The next time this will happen is in 2023 and we will be ready!!

9. Did you know all of our employees speak another language! The "Domino's" language!

All of our team members have to learn the full topping code lists. There are over 80 codes to remember which includes; Individual toppings, sauces & dips, Domino’s signature pizzas, side orders and desserts!

Check out our full blog on it, click the link below!

10. Did you know that in 2018 we sold over 3.6 million pizza's across our 26 stores! If you were to line all of these pizza's up side by side, that's 652 miles long! That's the distance from Southampton to SWITZERLAND!!

11. Did you know we have around 1,200 employees and our age of our employees starts at 16 and goes all the way to 74 - a committed driver in our Southampton store. Our job roles and flexibility suits absolutely everyone and we love having such a diverse team!

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12. Did you know our blue and red Domino's pizza boxes join up to make the Domino's logo! "Whaaaaaaaat" I hear you say!

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