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What is on yours?

Bucket lists are incredibly popular nowadays. People want to make sure their lives are fulfilled with exciting and new experiences!

  • Travel adventures

  • "30 before 30" - Birthday bucket list

  • See the 7 wonders of the world

  • Fitness goals

  • Books you must read before you die

  • Educational experiences

  • Attend concerts/gigs/festivals

  • Witness big sporting events

  • Dream destinations

  • Bungee jump, skydive, hot air balloon, white water rafting, scuba diving...try it all...just once!!

...But lets not forget about our careers!

Working is a huge part of our everyday lives, yet we can sometimes feel like we don't have a choice with where we work or a job will never be truly satisfying or the purpose of a job is just to make money so you can then plan the exciting parts of your life.

...Lets change all that!

Creating a bucket list for your career could really motivate you to do something you love and allow you to accomplish exactly what you want and make sure you are truly happy in your "work life" and "home life"!

Allow yourself to love every part of your life, take advantage of every opportunity and enhance more areas of your life than just your spare time.

Have a look at the list below and set yourself a few future targets for your career this winter!

1. I want to achieve something good every day

Promising yourself to achieve something good on a personal and/or professional level every day will add to your sense of purpose and can spur you on to learn new things and acquire new skills. But the goal doesn’t always have to be a personal one, as achieving something good on behalf of someone else or the team, is also important and will be just as rewarding.

2. I want to get promoted

Getting this down in writing can be the first step to visioning your career goals. Promotions are earned by showing your knowledge and performance over time – having this one on your list will help to keep you on track!

3. I want to learn how to lead and inspire others

First things first, the simple hands on approach goes a long way! The more you muck in with your team, demonstrate, or get involved in the "dirty jobs", the more your team will follow! You can also pick up a book or search online about modern day leaders and how they came to be where they are now! Why not try and identify one key leadership skill a month and add it to your daily practice at work!

4. I want to continually educate myself

As the saying goes, “every day is a school day”. Adding this to your bucket list will be a constant reminder that, even if schoolbooks and lectures are a distant memory, this doesn't mean you have to stop learning! Some people prefer the more hands on or practical learning approach! The difference is, now you are responsible for your own learning - and for making sure the journey never stops!

5. I want to master a new skill(s)

Acquiring a valued skill, such as motivating others, leadership & management skills, problem solving or understanding KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can not only stretch you to a new level but you will also possess skills that are highly valued in a business such as ours and may lead to new progression opportunities within the company!

6. I want to be seen as an expert in my field 

This isn’t just about status but about bringing value to your role that is recognised by your peers, and senior managers. To achieve this, you need to stay informed about what’s going on in your sector and being endlessly inquisitive!

7. I want to become a mentor 

Do you see yourself in a mentoring role? Having this as a goal will help shape your career and can direct you to learning new skills!

8. I want to set a good example for my children

There’s no magic formula or mystery involved when it comes to setting a good example for your children or even other family members. Through your actions of working hard, keeping your head down, setting and achieving goals, and always striving to do and be your best, you will be showing them the kind of values that no amount of money can buy.

9. I want to be happy and fulfilled in my role

This is not to simply wish for greater job satisfaction, but to commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve it! Doing the bear minimum day to day will never give you that warm fuzzy feeling! You may have to acquire more advanced skills, ask for more responsibility, or take more initiative – the ball is in your court!

So there we go....

The beginning of your first beautiful career bucket list! Yours to adapt as you wish to your own career goals.

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Today, it might just be a list....

where do you see yourself in 2-3 years time...?