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Some have come to realise it suits them better than ever...

Some people may think that a late night job is something you might take on as a last resort to fit around a day job, earn some extra money or because it's the "only thing" out there...but that is not always the case!

If some of these comments sound like you, maybe you need to think again and consider our late night positions!

I have never been a morning person

Starting a late night shift at 9pm or 10pm means you can really take advantage of those lay-in's! Jumping into bed as soon as your shift is over and waking up at 1pm, means you are still getting your full 7 hours with out that horrible feeling of fearing the 6am alarm and having to trade in your warm bed for a cold, dark morning!

Something is not right abut seeing the moon still shining bright at 6am!?

I hate the rush hour traffic

Late night hours mean there is nothing on the roads to hold you up, so you can enjoy a smooth ride to and from work every day! Bliss!

I would like to spend more time with my family

As a parent, family time is precious! Think about it, getting home at 6:30am, making your kids breakfast and doing the school run! You can then get your rest and wake up at 4pm and have the afternoon and evening as family time before getting ready to go back in to work.

The pressure of juggling it all, can be too much

If you have things to sort out or errands to run, you can do it during the day without having to take time off or trying to fit it all in your lunch break! You don't have to panic about baby sitters, pet day care, doctor or dentist appointments or calling the bank! Life admin sorted!

I need a sleep pattern that works for me

If you are naturally a night owl, late night shift are perfect for you. You can use that night time energy in a place that's going to be productive and earn you money! Plus your natural sleep patterns will fall into place much easier!

I want a close team that works really well together

There is a smaller team that works in our stores late night, so everyone knows each other well and can enjoy a laugh together while you work. Time flies when you're having fun!

So get involved with our Late Night teams and make the most of your days!

Available at Fratton, The Avenue, Winchester, Cardiff Bay and Cathays!


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