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Perks of being a night owl at Domino’s!

Are you the type of person who is better at sleeping at odd times of the day? Prefer running errands when shops are quiet and struggle to settle down at 10pm?

If you said yes to these things, then read more below on why joining our Late Night Team is the perfect career choice for you!

No traffic on the roads!

How brilliant is that?! Hardly anybody is out driving between 10pm and 4am so you can be smooth sailing on the roads whilst earning money, all while everyone else is in bed!

It frees up your day!

Starting a shift at around 10pm means that you have the whole day to run your errands – do your weekly shop, go to your eye appointment and even do a workout at the gym (gyms are so quiet during the day, you can use any piece of equipment whenever you like!!)

GREAT lie-ins!

Research shows the average person needs around 6-8 hours’ sleep a night. So you get into bed at around 4.30am and wake up at around 11am! Nobody else is home so you can stretch as much as you like and meander down for brunch in your pjs and know that you don’t have to start work for another 10 hours – and relax!

Have we got your attention yet?

Less crowded on shift!

We have less people working on our late night shifts so you can get to know your colleagues better! A less crowded store means you are able to get on with the task at hand as well as catching up with what your fellow night owls have done with their day!

Spending time with your family!

Working a 9-5 job can be a little tricky with kids.

Working the night shift means that you come home after work, go to bed and wake up at around 11am. You then have around 4 hours to do your errands and you can be ready for the school run at 3pm!

Still 7 hours to go until you need to get to work!

This means you are able to sit and have dinner, perhaps play some games on the new games console you got last Christmas and then tuck your kids into bed.

Now time to sit with your partner watching your favourite evening TV then set off to work, getting yourself ready for that incredible lie-in in the morning!

Sounds pretty great right?

Don’t delay, apply today!

We have positions available both instore and as a delivery driver within our late night teams!

Click the link below to READ MORE and APPLY NOW!

Late night positions:

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