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All of your questions answered!

There are always so many questions you want to ask when you are looking for a new role – available hours, uniform, benefits you can receive, even down to “how can I receive exclusive Domino’s pin badges?” or "how many people work in a store?".

So we wanted to make sure all of your questions are answered!

1. Is uniform provided? Do I have to pay for it?

Your uniform is completely free!

We provide you with a t-shirt, hat, black trousers and a belt, all you need to do is to provide your own trainers. We have no strict rules about these, as long as they cover your foot and provide grip you can go wild with the colours!!

2. Where are your Domino’s stores? Can I apply to more than one store?

As a Franchise Team Solent has 26 stores all together!

16 in Hampshire – Portsmouth, Waterlooville, Gosport, Fareham, Stubbington, Hedge End, Bitterne, Weston, Burgess Road, Shirley, Avenue, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Romsey, Winchester and Cowplain.

10 in Cardiff – Cardiff Bay, Cathays, City Centre, Canton, Ely, Llandaff, Pentwyn, Penarth, Maes Y Coed, Rumney.

You may find you are close to 2, 3 or even 4 of our stores and would like to apply for more than one store! That’s absolutely fine, all of our stores will have different availability at different times of the year. Apply to whatever stores you wish and our Store Managers will receive your application and give you a call to discuss the next stages.

3. How many pizza’s do the stores make in a day?

On average our stores can make 600 – 650 pizzas a day!

Some of our busiest stores can make as many as 300 pizza’s per hour…..and that’s just pizzas! That’s not including cookies, chicken wings, strippers, kickers, dough balls, wedges etc!

It takes a lot of training to be a skilled pizza maker and once you get the technique, it’s all about building up your speed. Its not unusual for our pizza makers to time and test themselves regularly because they know how important those few seconds are when stretching the dough as quick as possible.

Our highest pizzas per hour was in February 2018, when Valentine’s Day fell on a Two for Tuesday! We prepared our teams as much as we could, but no one really knew just how crazy it would get. Our Record stands at 407 pizzas per hour!

Our teams were absolutely zonked, but they did so well! What an incredible achievement! Luckily the next Valentines Day that falls on a Two for Tuesday is in 2023! Don’t worry, we will be ready!

4. Is the fastest pizza maker competition a real thing and can anyone enter?

The Fastest Pizza Maker Competition is exclusive to Domino’s Pizza and it is very much a real thing however, it is the most surreal experience you will ever witness.

Hundreds of people within the Domino’s family all around the get involved.

The first stage is a video entry – you have to make 3 large pizza’s, one cheese, one cheese and pepperoni and one cheese and mushroom as fast as you can. Still ensuring it is customer quality and making sure the cheese and toppings are perfectly portioned and placed.

If you achieve an impressive time you will be invited to the second stage which is a live competition against other Domino’s Pizza competitors in the UK.

The fastest 2 UK contestants get put through to the third stage where they must compete against the best of the best from the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa).

From there only the elite top 12 will get the absolute honour to compete in the WORLDS Fastest Pizza Maker Finals in Las Vegas!

Many of our employees commit to extra training so they can enter the Fastest Pizza Maker Competition, a hand full of them attend the live competition in the UK and just a few make it to the EMEA’s. However our raining champion, Fastest Pizza Maker EMEA 5 years running and top 8 in the WORLDS Fastest Pizza Maker – Zagros Jaff is our Team Solent’s Area Manager!

He is always happy to give out his top tips! Just look at that time!! 1 MINUTE : 2 SECONDS! 17 seconds faster than 2nd place!

5. How many people work at Team Solent?

We have 1200 employee’s at Team Solent and each store will have anything from 40–90 employees each.

Our Delivery Drivers make up a huge percentage of the workforce because we need to make sure we constantly have drivers ready and on stand by to take the next order out to our customers.

6. Do I need experience to work at Domino’s Pizza?

No, we take people on from the age of 16 – but you must have completed school level GCSE’s.

If you are hoping this is going to be your first job, that’s great! We have lots of people each year joining Domino’s as their first job, hoping to gain new skills, an understanding of customer service and get involved with team work! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a job before or never made pizza, we can teach you everything! For us its all about the attitude! We look for people who are hardworking, enthusiastic and willing to learn.

You will also find that there are plenty of things you have in common with other people in the store – Same college, same University course, similar interests and humour. We help our employees build up on their people skills, not only with our customers but with the team as well, assisting those who might like to stand in the background build their confidence and bring them out of their shell.

7. What kind of benefits can I get if I work with Domino's?

There are loads of perks that go along side working with Domino's - Pension scheme, holiday allowance, flexible hours but we make sure here at Team Solent we go that little bit further!

  • Competitive pay - everyone starts on a pay rate which relates to their age, however if you stay with Team Solent you will receive a pay rise after 6 months and another after your 1 year anniversary - plus a pin! WOOP! You also receive a pay rise the more positions you learn - Bases, Oven, Route, Phones, Makeline, Drive etc.

  • Quality Training - Weather you are brand new or looking to take a leap into management, we make sure you have all of the tools to be the best you can be - check out all of our training classes here -

  • Pizza Hero of the Month - We encourage you to show us your very best pizza work. Any entries that make it to the front page of our monthly newsletter receive a pin badge and shopping vouchers!!

  • Refer a friend bonus - If you work for Team Solent and you recommend a friend, family member or previous work colleague as a Car Delivery Driver OR Moped Delivery Driver, if they are successful and work with us for a minimum of 3 months you will receive £100 for recommending them.

  • Discount on food - It doesn't matter how long you have been working for Domino's, that delicious pizza smell never gets old!!

8. Is Domino’s really like one big family?

Absolutely! Every year we host Family Fun Days.

This is where everyone in Team Solent can get together with all their friends and families and have a bit of a summer blowout!

We have a DJ, unlimited BBQ, tug of war, raffle, bouncy castles, laser quests, magicians and so much more! And the best part is, ANYONE within our stores can come along and can bring as many friends and family members as they like!

Being part of something new is an exciting journey and with Team Solent we can assure you there will be some fun along the way!

Apply here to be a part of the Team Solent family today!

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