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Find out why we love moped riders and cyclists so much!

Having Moped Drivers and Delivery Cyclists on the road makes all the difference and here are the reasons why...

Reduces Delivery Times

Moped Delivery Drivers and Delivery Cyclists often take the shorter deliveries as it is far quicker for them to navigate through traffic or for bikes to stick to bike lanes. Some of our customers can be 2 or 3 roads away! So especially for our Delivery Cyclists, we maximise the distance to 1.5 miles, meaning you could be there and back in a matter of minutes!

Happy Customers

Faster deliveries means happy customers and that is our main focus! It's great when our moped riders or delivery cyclists show up to an address quicker than expected! You can guarantee you will deliver to them again!

Faster Deliveries = More money!

Yup! You heard us! Our delivery cyclists get and additional 50p for every delivery they take (we take into account the physical demand for the role!). Our delivery cyclists can do anything between 3 and 6 deliveries an hour! Trust me, those 50ps do add up!

We had a delivery cyclists that recently smashed a new Solent record.....51 deliveries in one night! That's an extra £25 on top of his hourly rate! Awesome work!

Saving the planet

That's right! Mopeds use significantly less fuel than cars and our bicycles need no fuel at all! We are doing our bit by putting more bikes and mopeds on the roads. There are loads of benefits to this but for you, our potential employees, you can have piece of mind knowing that you will be working for a thriving, well known brand that is doing their bit for the planet! All the little steps count!

No parking issues

Parking in city centre streets or locations can be a nightmare and you don't want to be one of those people who stop in the middle of the road and put on your hazards! Our 2 wheelers can pull up nice and close to the door, needing minimal space. Hop off, hand over the cheesy goodness and off you go again! No stress!

Company vehicle and safety gear provided - Moped only

Yes, we provide it all! Company branded moped, fuel and safety gear including helmet! All you need is a CBT!

Make the most of the spring & summer - it's coming

The winter months are always long but give it a few more weeks and spring will be bounding our way! Make the most of the outdoors this spring and summer and apply early for the position. By then you will be feeling confident on the road, picking up speed and loving life! You wont regret feeling the summer breeze in your hair, plus you earn money at the same time.

Paying you to exercise - Bike only

Who needs a gym membership when we can pay you to keep fit! What a genius idea! All you need is a bicycle, we will provide you with a top box and full uniform. This position works well as a part time job around college, uni, a day job or other commitments. You could work a 3 hour shift, across 2-3 days a week and there you have it - 2 birds, one stone!

BEST REASON OF ALL - You are everyone's hero!

We always say our delivery experts are our pizza delivery heroes, but we know no one means it more than our dedicated customers! Whether they are nursing a hangover, treating the family or a key worker on the front line, our customers are always pleased to see you!

So apply today for your local store! We have loads to choose from:

  • Portsmouth City Centre and surrounding areas

  • Fareham and surrounding areas

  • Eastleigh and surrounding areas

  • Southampton City Centre and surrounding areas

  • Winchester and surrounding areas

  • Cardiff City Centre and surrounding areas.

Click below for our full list of 29 stores to see which one is your closest!

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We look forward to receiving your application!

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